Your child’s education begins at birth and the early years (birth to age 5) are some of the most important for his/her education. Quality early education requires the commitment of everyone who touches your child’s life. We take this commitment seriously and for that reason are voluntary participants in the Pennsylvania Keystone STARS program.

Programs that choose to participate can earn a STAR 1 to STAR 4 Rating.

Freckles and Frills Early Learning Center has earned a STAR 4 rating meaning that we meet the highest quality standards in early childhood care and education as measured by the state of Pennsylvania’s quality initiative.


Being a STAR 4 Program means

  • We can confidently provide a Department of Human Services Certificate of Compliance.
  • We have built a comfortable age appropriate environment where your child can learn and feel good about him/herself.
  • We believe strongly in laughing, reading, and playing with your child to help them build good life skills.
  • Our teachers are educated and take ongoing courses to learn new ways to help your child succeed.
  • Our parents are involved in planning with the teacher to set goals for their child’s success.
  • We have proven successful administration practices and run a professional, organized, program.
  • An annual review of our facility indicates high score compliance with requirements.