What makes us different…

Freckles & Frills has been in business since 1977  and has established itself as a high quality child care center with staying power.

We are licensed by the Department of Human Services and recognized by the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars Program as a STAR 4 Facility for providing the highest quality educative child care environment. We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural center which celebrates diversity! We think that the variety of cultures of our families and staff creates a rich community. We boast that among our staff English, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese is spoken. We incorporate these languages into our program through our Language and Literacy activities. Our educated and well trained staff complete over 24 hours of professional development annually. Such professional development areas of study include Health and Safety, Curriculum, Positive Behavior Strategies, Active Play, among others. Freckles & Frills Early Learning Center exceeds state and national standards in quality early childhood education.

Freckles & Frills provides full time and part-time child care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.


Our program runs year-round. Freckles & Frills offers an Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program which is included in tuition fees. Before and after school programs are provided to elementary school aged children as well as a Summer Adventure Program.


Each classroom follows a specified developmentally appropriate curriculum called Pinnacle.


The theme is changed every month and each classroom breaks the topic down into areas which meet their current age and ability level.  Lead teachers collaboratively create weekly lesson plans with assistant teachers that meet the child’s individual needs.


Each classroom uses an Environmental Rating Scale to ensure that each and every piece of classroom equipment and learning material is carefully chosen and presented in such a way so as to enhance and promote the children’s development.

Meatless Monday

We want to encourage families to reduce their meat consumption one day a week for our children’s health and the environment!

Why Meatless Monday? Going meatless once a week can be beneficial to us, the enviroment and the animals! Also going meatless once a week can relieve some of the environmental burdens that result from meat production. Are you ready to join us? Click here to learn more about it